Pallet Optimizer

Maximize your shipping with pallet optimizer, save money and time.

Lower shipping costs per unit by loading more quantity 
Save load/unload time and spend by using load patterns 
Eliminate unnecessary waste of fuel (save fuel
Make more profit by loading more cargo 
Keep customer relation good with rapid and accurate response to their enquiries  

General information

1. Use to design loading pallet from one piece of carton.
2. User can define pallet details or choose from container database.
3. User can define cargo details or choose from cargo database.

4. User can manual design carton layout for even/odd layer.
5. Software can calculte best load pattern with our loading algorithm.
6. Show/hide informations in design view. Color, size, ID, position, joint flap and number.

7. User can save/print pallet design.
8. User can send design pallet as new cargo in cargo database.



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