First loading container/pallet app for mobile platform (iOS/Android)

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Time to mobile. 1st loading conatiner/pallet app for mobile (iPhone/iPad/Android) will release soon.

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Cargo Optimizer Enterprise 5.20 just release with 3 new features

1. Slide loading output

function to allow user to define new loading step by cutting load output in depth of container. With this function user can define level to slide load output between 1-12 (1 is no slide)

2. New load plan report with user define

to allow user to choose paper size (A0-A4, letter) paper orientation (landscape/potrait) number of column per page and details to print in report.

With this function user can design many styles of load plan report as you need.

3.Cargo Position Report

is new report to show position of each cargo in container.


Carton type
Pallet type
UnitLoad type
Cylinder type

Sea container
Air container
Flat pallet
Pallet box
CContainer shape
Unusable space
Use stack loading rule
No overhang loading
Flat loading
Max capacity for group loading
Remove conflict cargo from unusable space

Cylinder orientation
FILO loading
Ultimate loading mode
Network database

36 languages interface

You have found the best container loading optimization software.

Do not buy if your target missing some of our great features :
- Multiple container sizes per shipment (no limit)
- Multiple cargo sizes per shipment (limit to 150 sizes)
- Calculate costing and cost per package being shipped
- 4 Cargo types (Carton/Pallet/Cyliner/UnitLoad)
- 4 Container types (Sea container/Air cotainer/Flat pallet/Pallet box)

- 5 Container shapes (Rectangular and slope containers)
- Unusable space in container (corner casting, airflow space etc.)
- Save loaded pallet as UnitLoad cargo type (2-stages loading)
- Support to interlock load pattern (Best result for pallet loading)
- Freeze Loading (Recalculate on loaded container)

- Mix cargo type loading (Carton/Pallet/Cyliner/UnitLoad)
- Flat loading (flat loading style)
- 3D View (360 degree rotation)
- Weight distribution graph
- Manual load (real drag and drop)

- Edit loaded container
- FILO (First In Last Out) loading style
- Stack loading rule
- Ultimate mode calculation
- Support to network environment

- Group loading (Find maximum quantity of set to full container)
- Find maximum quantity to full container
- Carton Designer module (product > carton > pallet > container)
- Demonstration itself
- Automatic upgrade inform

- Free upgrade lifetime (no more cost, one time payment only)

We are the leading supplier of optimization software in Thailand for Exporters/Importers, packaging, manufacturers and logistics.

We have 3D loading container, 1D&2D nesting, mosaic converter and packaging design software.

What is Optimization Computer Software ?

Mosaic Converter : Design & Generate mosaic picture for mosaic tiles, card stunts, cross stitch and etc.

Optimization software is computer software that calculates optimum solutions (least cost/best packing/highest profit) when loading containers, cutting lengths or sheets, and designing packaging.

Nesting Optimizer : 1D&2D Nesting optimizer software.

Optimization software slashes the time it takes to work out the best solutions to your cargo, cutting or packaging problems. You get the answers you need in minutes - not hours or days. And your load plans, cutting patterns and packaging designs are complete and easy to understand.


Cargo Optimizer : 3D Loading container software.

Cargo Optimizer (our Cargo Loading Optimizing Software) will answer questions like :
- How many packages can be loaded into a 40 foot container ?
- What is the most efficent load plan ?
- How many containers and sizes do we need for this shipment ?


Package Designer : Packaging design software

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